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If you haven't noticed, is actually a wiki. This means anyone who registers can edit the pages, add content and links, correct mistakes, and share their knowledge. The goal is for to become the source of knowledge about everything electronics and software that relates to gardening.

We know that a lot of wikis stagnate, get out of date, and get abandoned. Conversations and information sharing tends to happen via email and on social media websites instead. That's why we've extended the conversation to Twitter, Identica, Facebook, and Google groups

Want to send us a quick link before you forget about it? Send it via social media. We'll update the wiki with content provided from social media websites as time permits.

Want more in depth help with a cool project, want to throw around some ideas, or have a longer discussion with fellow garden geeks? We suggest you join the Garden Geekery Google Group (try saying that five times fast) and send us an email.