Calling all Garden Geeks! showcases open source and open hardware projects for gardeners, urban farmers, and agricultral geeks. We love DIY instructible tutorials, arduino projects, open source apps, and open weather stations. If you find a cool project that you would like to share, feel free to edit any page.

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Some gardeners use a hose to water their garden. Other gardeners hack together open hardware Arduino boards to automatically water their plants. Some gardeners use a paper calendar to plan their garden, and other gardeners build their own garden planning software. Some gardeners use a hoe to kill those pesky weeds. Other gardeners build laser rigs with plant image recognition that detects weeds and fries them dead.

If you find yourself in that "other" geeky gardener category, this community is for you. This is the place to find your next cool project, collaborate with other garden geeks, or discuss the latest garden science breakthrough.

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